Our Founder Orhan Örnek, following his short term professional working life after the university graduation, has completed his military service, afterwards he has met textile sector in Sultanhamam which is the place where Turkish Textile sector had been born 40 years ago.

After he has worked in textile sector with his family for a long time, in 1994 he has decided to establish his own textile company. Today OR-BEY Textile, together with Orhan Örnek and his children, is a professional family company that continues its way by extending every year. OR-BEY Textile , since its establishement in 1994 year, has become one of the most flexible, the most solution oriented and the most dynamic players in international textile market with regards to outerwear fabric manufacturing and whole sale.






Today, OR-BEY continues to manufacture 3.5-4 million meters of fabric per year in its 18,000 m2 area (30,000 m2 open area in total) in its 750 m2 head office in Istanbul and its factory in Velimeşe OSB. The OR-BEY company exports directly to various brands and manufacturers of different countries in different countries of the world; garment manufacturers and exporters to Turkey’s recognition of the remaining portion of the domestic market and sells high retail brands. Whether on the domestic market or being a supplier of internationally branded companies, our company is increasing its policy of being a quality, design and trend-oriented company day by day.

Our Company has specialised mostly in producing 100% Wool and Wool mixed fabric in recent years. In addition to its expertise in Wool fabrics; Linen, Cotton and Polyester Viscose fabrics productions are also continued in line with demands of our valuable customers.

OR-BEY will continue to develop itself and find solutions to meet rapidly changing fashion trends and market needs in the future.

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